Data set for "Doubly-resonant enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation from a WS2 nanomesh polymorph with a modified energy landscape"



WS2 is an example of a transition metal dichalcogenide, and a highly promising 2D material for nonlinear optics. This dataset contains plots of multiphoton emission spectra and coordinates of second harmonic generation (SHG) hotspots of WS2 polymorphs and thin films formed into a nanomesh, that is, a tridimensional webbed network of densely-packed stacks (of 1–5 layers) of twisted and/or fused 2D nanosheets. The locations of the emission hotspots were determined by illumination at 1225, 1050, and 850 nm incident wavelengths.
Date made available10 May 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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