Computational Dataset for "Reversible Magnesium and Aluminium-ions Insertion in Cation-Deficient Anatase TiO2"

  • Benjamin Morgan (Creator)
  • Mathieu Salanne (Creator)
  • Damien Dambournet (Creator)



This dataset contains the computational data and analysis for the paper "Reversible Magnesium and Aluminium-Ions Insertion in Cation-Deficient Anatase TiO2" (

The repository contains:
1. Input and output files for the DFT calculations, performed using VASP. This is detailed below in the Data section.
2. A `vasp_summary` script, that collects the relevant VASP data into a file `F-TiO2_intercalation_data.yaml`.
3. A Jupyter notebook, `F-TiO2 intercalation energies.ipynb`, containing the data analysis, and code for plotting intercalation energies.

2 and 3 both depend on the vasppy Python module (,, available under the MIT licence.
Date made available11 Jul 2017
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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