Code for Group-velocity symmetry in photonic crystal fibre for ultra-tunable quantum frequency conversion



This data set includes the MATLAB scripts used to generate the plots in each figure of this paper. Specifically, "PCF_BSFWM_Broadbandfinder032020.m" was used to create the plot in fig.2 measuring the broadband conversion of PCF from the sellmier equations for refractive index in PCF; "PCF_BSFWM_Broadbandphasematching0420.m" was used to find specific examples of broadband PCF and "NLSE_bsfwm_in_pcf.m" was used in a similar way to look at individual fibre designs. Also included are the functions referenced in each script. Results are derived from first principles so no input data is needed.
Date made available16 Jun 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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