Boronate based fluorescence (ESIPT) probe for peroxynitrite

  • Adam Sedgwick (Creator)
  • Xiaolong Sun (Creator)
  • Gyoungmi Kim (Creator)
  • Juyoung Yoon (Creator)
  • Steven Bull (Creator)
  • Tony James (Creator)



This repository contains the experimental data discussed in the manuscript. Including, 1H NMR, 13C NMR (FID and PDF) and Mass Spectra for compounds 4, 5 and probe 3. Fluorescence analysis and UV data of probe 3 including the ONOO- and H2O2 titration curve, selectivity data, Fluorescence intensity changes for probe 3 as a function of time with increasing concentrations of ONOO- (time drive), UV before and after addition of ONOO- cell imaging (exogenous and endogenous) and cell viability.
Date made available2016
PublisherUniversity of Bath

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Sedgwick, A. (Creator), Sun, X. (Creator), Kim, G. (Creator), Yoon, J. (Creator), Bull, S. (Creator), James, T. (Creator) (2016). Boronate based fluorescence (ESIPT) probe for peroxynitrite. University of Bath. 10.15125/BATH-00252